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Every individual has their own situation that warrants different "levels" of mental health. Over the course of our lifetime, half of us will have dealt with some type of mental health challenge – some will be more serious than others though. Here's the good news: we're working to build a better and safer environment in California.

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The problem.

Nearly 1 in 6 Californians experienced mental illness this past year.

People with mental illnesses are stigmatized by the societal narrative and lack of awareness surrounding mental wellbeing. Everyday, people are suffering because they feel wrong, outcasted, lonely, dramatic, or deffective – all because people dismiss the importance of mental health. But it is important. Mental health is vital to overall health. Precisely 41.2% of Californian adults reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder during 2020, according to a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation. The longer we refuse to thoroughly combat and address this issue with safe, effective measures, this number will continue to skyrocket. Failure to recognize the problem leading to the continuation of stigmatization, and failure to receive the right treatment can lead to extreme detrimental effects. People with mental illnesses are just as important as people with physical illnesses. The only difference: a mental illness diagnosis is not a death sentence.

Let's fact check.

  • According to California Health Care Almanac Mental Health Care, approximately 1 in 20 suffer from a serious mental illness that makes it difficult to carry out major life activities.
  • Federal & state laws, Medi-Cal eligibility, and a scope of mental health services have made services available to more adults. Public & private companies have created resources to expand care, integrate health care, and end the toxic stigma. Nonetheless, mental illnesses continue to rise, and adult Californians still do not receive treatment for their mental wellbeing – and to top this, many have poor overall health.
  • About two thirds of adults with major depressive episodes did not get treatment in California
  • Suicides are still the second leading cause of death.

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The relevance.

COVID-19 tripled signs of depressions.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health cases were already on the rise for a plethora of reasons – social media, unethical working hours, competition, etc. Now, the hard hitting effects of the pandemic are taking its toll on everyone. Since the beginning of the pandemic, precisely 69% of Californian adults have reported experiencing mental health symptoms. Yet, only 31% have acknowledged and tried to improve their mental health. This leaves uncertainty for the future – if one needs help and they are not able to get it, what are we to do? The best solution is to educate and make tangible differences within California.

Statistics ImageThe rise of moderately severe and severe cases represents a big problem in California

Our plan.

We're ready to make a change.

  • We build spaces in stress prone environments for people to learn about their mental health, as well as how to take care of it. In the workplace, we offer educational clinics and areas for people to share. On college campuses, we present lectures and materials to inform and provide a comfortable space for everyone. With this method, people know they are not wrong, they are not alone, and that they can speak up.
  • We host speciality events for any occasion, dedicated on educating and promoting overall mental wellbeing. We’ll answer any question, debunk myths, provide safe places for everyone, and help the audience learn how to end the shame around mental illness. We can help everyone, everywhere, speak up to know that they are not making it up in their head.
  • We create physical materials for everyone to learn, support, and spread the message. From weekly newsletters on helpful tips and science regarding mental health, to comfortable clothing pieces that show positive messages, we have it. We live to spread and help others live.
  • We make appointments with state and community lawmakers, advocating for mental health awareness and asking for their help in changing the stigmatized climate engulfing conversations on mental wellbeing. Because, change needs to be at every level.
  • We provide financial aid to adults who cannot afford medical expenses regarding their mental wellbeing. No one will be left behind.

So, help us help you.

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It's as simple as that.

Get involved!

Let's build a safer community and state – one step at a time, together.

This is why Coast-to-Coast Mental Health Awareness needs your help! Our goal is to reduce the stigma of mental health problems in California. With your help, we will be able to help lower the numbers. Even a small donation would help us greatly. What are you waiting for? It's your time to help ease this problem!

Statistics ImageAlthough the situation has gotten better post-reopening, California still has higher rates of symptoms than the nation.Statistics ImageIt's our responsibility to help future generations from these mental disorders.Statistics ImageMore people should have access to resources if they have these symptoms.Statistics ImageOnly raising awareness and education can prevent the steady increase of overdoses.